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07-Jul-2019 00:46

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age limit on dating

“I can’t be friends with other women because they get too jealous and competitive,” or, “I know my friend had a crush on him, but he and I started platonic and now it accidentally turned into more – it's not my fault he didn’t like her,” or, “I can’t help it if guys are always asking for my number.” In your conscious mind, you want to be friends with other women.

But unconsciously there's more going on, and these influences below the surface of your understanding can create competition and jealousy where there could be trust and friendship.

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If you find yourself in trouble for flirting with those who are off limits (or flirting while off limits!

This reciprocity is played in turns – picture the mother cooing to her infant, who then coos back. But even with words, there remain desires and needs that we feel but can’t articulate, even to ourselves.

This is a problem, in particular when these applications are meant to be used in a scenario where they can influence their users’ lives, as for example, when the data is expected to be used to identify Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or, to an extreme, when the applications are used in medical scenarios.… continue reading »

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